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Rule 1 of the Empire: Your Strenght is your Weakest Link

With his owlish spectacles, his zeal for obscure statistics and a penchant for tangled locutions — "mumbling with great incoherence," he once said of himself — Mr. Greenspan prided himself on being, first and foremost, an economic analyst.

What was the secret that made the Roman Empire the longest ruling empire in the history? It all started in 753 B.C. and ended in 1454 A.D. Fore sure, it wasn’t the biggest empire over history. Maybe Ghinges Khan, Attila the Hun or Alexander the Great managed to create something bigger ...... but only for one generation. But Rome was and is for sure the longest ruling empire. With covering over 2200 years, it ruled longer than the Catholic Church today. The reason why, I found in the farewell letter of Alan Greenspan, the former president of the Federal Reserve of America. In that speech, If you want to hear it from his mouth will cost you 100 000 USD ...... but you can also find it on internet, he warned the world for excessive privatization, globalization and flexibility. It seems to me that he knew what was coming up in the years to follow.

    In that speech, he warned the world about excessive privatization, globalization and of course, flexibility. And how truth that was in the light of the events of 2008/09, and the following economic recession. We never have to forget that what’s your strenght is your weakest link. Think about the army. If there is no obedience, there is no army; but unfortunately, obedience is the also the weakest link of the army. Imagine there is coming a commander in Chief who is giving the wrong order, many valuable soldiers will get wasted, often only for the proud of their commander. Maybe the second World War with the adagio “Ein Befehl ist ein Befehl” illustrates this the best what I intend to say. And indeed, those three keywords: Globalization, Privatization and flexibility explain the growth and duration of the Roman Civilization. Unfortunately their Civilization was defeated by Globalization, Privatization and flexibility. As we will walk virtually through Ancient Rome, and not particularly in chronological order, I would like to apply those three elements on the historical buildings we’re meeting on our tour.  

Globalisation in the Roman empire Academia.eu