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Tour 2: Ancient Rome

I like to start this tour early in the morning. And early, means early: at 8:35 am. Don't forget that over 6 million people are visiting the Colosseum every year. Of course, you don't want being pushed around by a few cruise-ships arriving at 10:00 am.

When we leave the Colosseum we will then visit the Palatine Hill, and often, I am the only guide there, but it is definitely worth a visit! All of Ancient Rome is to be seen here in miniature, for the exclusive use of the Imperial Family (baths etc.)

After a view from the roof garden of the palace onto the Forum (political heart of Rome), we do whatever tourist is doing: visiting it.

Including the Palatine Hill, the tour last approx. 4 hrs. and there is plenty of walking involved, cobble stone roads and steps involved and not suitable for persons with mobility issues.

We are finishing at the top of the Capitol hill at the statue of Marcus Aurelius, where you have the possibility to have your lunch in Bar Capitolina, the bar of the Museum (follow link)

If possible please give more than one date for your tour request and I will get back to you with my availability.

The tour can be challenging, water is available in the site, and, (and, especially if you have children), best take a snack with you or even better a banana - that gives you an immediate boost of potassium !!

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Nero playing the luite, read his story by clicking on the immage !!!

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