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Basilica of Saint Peter

The Basilica of St. Peter

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Julius II, pope from 1504-1512, the terrible pope, the military pope, who went in clinch with Michelangelo (see the Agony & the Ecstasy". He saw it big, very big. As soon he became pope, he started already to think about his legacy for posterity. He ordered Michelangelo to make an immense, loose-standing monument. It was also the reason for rebuilding the St Peter's basilica of the Emperor Constantine.

In 1505, Bramante became the Architect of the new building. It would become the biggest church in the world. For 125 years they build on it. When Michelangelo died at the age of 90 years old, he was still working on the dome. It would be Maderno and Giacomo della Porto who completed the task. In 1625 they could celebrate the official opening of the new Saint Peter's Basilica.

What an achievement, especially when you know that there were only about 25 000 inhabitants in Rome when the works were started.