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Apollo del Belvedere and Today Fashion

It was the night before the “Fashion’s Night out” in September 2014 in Rome, organized by Vogue. Newspapers had announced the activity, and my mind wandered around.

On the radio they played a song of Lady Gaga. I thought about when I saw her life performance in the Circus Maximus in Rome, in an astonishing dress of Versace.

Being an official guide of the the Vatican  Museums, I have to look often at the statue of the Apollo of Belvedere; a statue that was the muse for Michelangelo for his Adam in the creation in the Sistine Chapel. And lately, I took once the time to go over there on my own, and taking my time to look it from all sides.

I was always intrigued by the extravagant hairstyle of Lady Gaga, that strange hair bow. And suddenly I realized that I had seen it before. Yes, indeed, it was inspired by the Apollo of Belvedere in the Vatican. From that point, I let my mind wandering freely with the following result.

Little by little, I found out what inspired the Italian fashion designers. They don’t have to look at google for finding inspiration. It’s enough to walk around in Rome, and it’s 2500 years of civilization and tradition. Pope Benedict XVI, in his introduction of the new guide book of the Vatican Museums called it a museum of humanity, not a christian museum. Also he changed the picture of the Vatican Museum: Plato and Aristotle, the minds of western civilization.

And here we see how modern, famous Italian stylist  took their inspiration from the past.

Enjoy the pictures ...

Under construction, please help me to find more

Lady Gaga’s hair bow, inspired by the Apollo of Belvedere.

.. and of others in the Vatican Museums

Ferragamo's shoes of Marylin Monroe

And ....here is Versace’s Cruise collection, jewelry and dress....

And Iacometti ....

Etruscan (6th century BC )

Artista non ancora classificato:

Bronze elongated female statuette, possibly Aphrodite (c.350 BC)

Ubicazione :

Parigi, Museo del Louvre

The male is in the museum of Volterra

And the following is life-sized by Giacometti .... †

In the Egyptian museum  a statue of Ramses

A Terracotta statue in the Etruscan Museum

in the Vatican .... and Pinocchio ?

Let’s go to Fendi, became also famous for his little purses. But did the Assyrians  in the Museum did it already 3000 years ago? have a look

And then we have shoes from Diesel ....

Muse for Michelangelo - look at the Cumaean Sybil and August Rodin

The Jewelry we can find back in the Etruscan Museum of the Vatican, the dress is in the Gallery of the Candelabri ...

Roman soldier with tunic, Gallery of Candle sticks Vatican museums

Hadrians wall kept the Picts (scottish) outside, but the fashion of the romans seemed to be irresistable.

Judge yourself.

I thank Linda Pequegnat (Canada) for her reflex to see it.

I overlooked it, sorry!

         Inside the            Vatican Museums

April 10, 2018